Исполнитель: Bayside
Альбом: The Walking Wounded
Год: 2007
Стиль: Alternative / Punk / Rock
Качество звука: VRB
Размер: 69.87 Мб
Пароль: sweet_lou
Трек Лист:

1. Walking Wounded Bayside
2. They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns Bayside
3. Duality Bayside
4. Carry On Bayside
5. I and I Bayside
6. Choice Hops and Bottled Self Esteem Bayside
7. Head on a Plate Bayside
8. Dear Your Holiness Bayside
9. Landing Feet First Bayside
10. Thankfully Bayside
11. Rite of Passage Bayside
12. (Pop)ular Science

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